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Painter, scenographer, monumentalist. Was learning the art In the painting and drawing studio run by the Saratov Fine Arts Society (1891-18966), then studied at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow (1897-1904). Showed his works at exhibitions of the World of Art, the Red Rose and the Blue Rose groups, the Moscow Artists' Society, and the Pour Arts group. Merited Worker in the Arts of the RSFSR. Made sketches of murals for the Kazan Railway Station together with artists from the World of Art group (early 1910s). Painted: "The Nativity. Confluence with the Mystic Atmospheric Force. The Awakening of the Devil", "The Blooming Orchard in Bakhchisarai", "Bakhchisarai Still Life", "An Oriental Motif", and other pictures. His works are preserved In the Tretyakov Art Gallery, the State Russian Museum and many other museums In the country. Both pictures displayed at the gallery were shown In the Tretyakov Art Gallery In 1989 and at an exhibition arranged by the Combined Art Studios In Khimki In 1990. "A Southern Landscape" was 1"o shown at the Masters of the Blue Rose Exhibition held In Moscow In 1988.

An Apple Tree in Blossom
P. V. Kuznetsov



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